Shield Consult was formed to provide specialist building diagnostic and remedial engineering services using a practical, transparent and responsive approach, whilst remaining commercially competitive.

Our 17-years of real-world experience in building diagnostic and remedial engineering routinely assists our clients with achieving superior technical solutions for their built assets irrespective of age, type, size, location, material and history.

The specialist services we provide are tailored to our clients’ individual needs and objectives.

Our services are primarily provided by Founding Engineer Liam O’Hehir.

Liam’s extensive experience and familiarity with a vast range of buildings and structures nationwide, allows us to reference a wealth of critical remediation histories and experiences across many prominent commercial buildings and structures.

Liam is recognised for his expertise in the appraisal of facades and roof systems to high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

Drawing from both design and construction experiences, we prudently research, inspect and investigate building-related deficiencies. We determine the causes and consequential risks, which enables the design of practical remedial strategies and specifications.

Shield Consult primarily works for property owners, property managers, national engineering and advisory firms and specialist construction firms.

We service projects nationwide.

Shield Consult is comparably insured to other major multinational firms that provide similar design and consultancy services.


Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels

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Remedial Design Specifications
Remedial Design Specifications

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Fabric Condition Assessments & Failure Investigations
Fabric Condition Assessments & Failure Investigations

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